Types of Braces

We provide different types of braces for children, teens and adults who want to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

When you visit us for your complimentary consultation, Dr. Loeb will examine your condition, discuss your treatment preferences, and help you make the best decision for you or your child’s smile.

Traditional Metal Braces

A close-up photo of self-litigating Braces

Who says traditional braces aren’t cool? Made of high-grade, stainless steel material, metal braces use bracket-and-wire technology to guide teeth into the ideal alignment.

Dr. Loeb can treat almost any condition – from minor crookedness to complex bite misalignments – with metal braces.

Clear Ceramic Braces

A close-up photo of Ceramic Braces

Clear braces use durable ceramic brackets that blend in with the natural color of the teeth. They’re specially designed for comfort and durability with rounded brackets that minimize discomfort.

If you’re looking for an orthodontic treatment that’s cool, clear, and certain to produce beautiful results, we have the perfect option for you.

Invisible Braces

A close-up photo of Invisalign Clear Aligners.

We offer clear aligners (Invisalign® and Angel Aligner™) for kids, teens and adults!  These high-tech clear aligners are ideal for every lifestyle – professional, social, sporty, and everything in between.

Results are predictably beautiful with us.

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